Spotlight Oral Care - Sonic Toothbrush - professional-level dentist clean in comfort

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Brand: Spotlight Oral Care - Sonic Toothbrush - professional-level dentist clean in comfort


Wish you could get a professional-level teeth clean from the comfort of your own home? Well, thanks to Spotlight’s Sonic Toothbrush, you can. Boasting professionally designed sonic technology, the device feels like a manual toothbrush but provides a much deeper clean. As well as this, it helps to remove plaque and discolouration while maintaining a whiter smile.

  • Uses professional-level sonic cleansing technology
  • Removes plaque and provides a deep clean
  • Helps to remove stains and maintain whiter teeth
  • 3 speed settings and 2-minute self-timer
  • Includes 3 replacement heads
  • Suitable for all including those with sensitive teeth


Did you know that high-frequency brush movements mean toothpaste and oxygen are delivered to your teeth, better and faster? With the Sonic Toothbrush, you can be sure even the most inaccessible places are being cleaned while taking your oral care to new levels.


Spotlight’s Sonic Toothbrush has been designed with comfort in mind. It’s easy to hold and gentle on the mouth while providing a professional-level clean.


The device features 3 different settings to suit you and your needs. For gentle care, choose Sensitive. The Clean Mode does just that, and for a more intense surface stain removal, the White Mode is ideal.


Feel like been professionally cleaned at the dentist.. Replicate this feeling at home - in just 2 minutes. The Sonic Toothbrush is easy-to-use and even suitable for those suffering with sensitivity meaning no-one has to miss out. There’s even a handy timer which automatically turns the device off when the cycle has finished.


Choose the setting that suits your teeth and needs the best. Place the brush on your teeth. Start on the top right, on the outside, and work your way to the top left side. Repeat on the inside, near the roof of your mouth. Brush the biting surfaces of your teeth. Repeat on your lower teeth. The total clean should take 2 mins.