6.6 DAROXIL-16 Hair Loss "Full Re-Growth" Treatment Kit - DHT Fighting -100% Natural and Water Free Formulation -the Most Powerful Combo

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DAROXIL-16 Hair Loss "Full Re-Growth" Treatment Kit

100% Natural and Water Free Formulation

" DHT is a hormone that cause hair loss in men. A natural way to slow it down and prevent hair loss is to block DHT. "


DAROXIL-16 is formulated for SERIOUS HAIR CARE. We have hand-picked 16 ingredients that target hair loss, damage, dryness, brittle, breaking and hair that is slow growing. DAROXIL-16 has been formulated to naturally block the effect of DHT. DHT prevents nutrients from being absorbed by hair follicles, thereby causing shrinking and eventually hair loss.

DAROXIL-16 Treatment Kit is WATER FREE and formulated only with The purest, natural and most powerful hair growth / anti hair loss ingredients available. It significantly increase the growth and life cycle of hair. It penetrates active ingredients deep into your scalp to stimulate hair regrowth from the inside out. All this without harsh chemicals that over time do more damage than good. Studies have proven that using chemical based treatments weakens hair over time. An amazingly effective therapy formulation for both men and women of all hair types.  

 The Treatment Kit Includes:

Shampoo - 8oz

This shampoo gently cleanses to help reduce DHT and remove follicle clogging impurities and excess sebum from the scalp promoting healthy and rapid growth.

Conditioner - 8oz

A thick conditioner that detangles and strengthens the hair fiber to prevent breakage and nourishes to promote a healthy scalp environment and promote rapid hair growth.

Oil - 2oz

A topical solution to effectively prevent hair loss, and promote hair growth, by delivering nutrition to hair root, repair damaged hair, restore the vitality of hair. It relaxes blood vessels, making it easier for blood to flow to your scalp. The Hair Thickening Growth Oil should be used daily. Apply a few drops to the scalp, in the areas of hair loss, and massage in.

100% Natural and Water Free Formulation

All our Hair Loss products are WATER FREE; formulated only with natural, pure, hair healthy ingredients. All natural and safe for men and women of all hair types

In a hair-healthy blend of these effective natural fixed oils of: Organic Hemp, Organic Jojoba, Organic Sunflower, Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Grapeseed Oil, Soybean Oil (NON-GMO), and the power-packed pure d'Alpha Vitamin E Oil,  we added these amazing essential oils and extracts to maximize hair nourishment.


Synergistic Benefits: 

Cedarwood Essential Oil: Increases circulation to stimulates the hair follicles. Reduces thinning and encourages growth. 

Chamomile: Promotes hair health and fights a dry, itchy scalp  

Ginger Root: Strengthens the roots of hair and improves circulation

Stinging Nettle: Naturally rich in sulfur and silica. Fights hair loss, promoting hair health and keeping it shiny. 

Rosemary Extract & Essential Oil: High in nutrients that stimulate blood to the scalp which promotes growing hair. It also is anti-inflammatory to protect hair follicles and sooth the scalp. 

Thyme: Promotes growth, helps keep the scalp healthy. Fights dandruff

Soybean Oil: Natural DHT Blocker

Neem Oil:  Neem oil is high in anti-oxidants that protect the scalp from free radicals. It is very regenerative to hair and the scalp damage. 

Lecithin: Improves structural hair quality. Counteracts damaging elements to hair, long term.  Provides shine, and softness to hair.

Lemongrass Essential Oil: Naturally is anti-microbial and has high antiseptic properties that fight scalp inflammation. Strengthens the hair follicles and fights hair loss. 

D'Alpha Pure Vitamin E Oil: Reduces oxidation stress in the scalp. High anti-oxidant, heals

Peppermint Essential Oil: Blocks DHT, Provides Cooling & Refreshing scalp stimulation - encouraging growth by increasing circulation. 

Lavender Essential Oil: Naturally Blocks DHT, conditions, promotes growth, thickens, fights itching and dandruff

Tea Tree Essential Oil: Naturally Fights DHT, Antimicrobial, anti-viral

Pumpkin Seed Oil: Very pro-hair contributor DHT fighter that fights high DHT levels on scalp tissue that correlates with hair loss. 

Saw Palmetto: Blocks DHT and contains plant sterol: beta-sitosterol

How long does Daroxil take to work? 

Daroxil  therapy is famous for preventing hair loss and is beneficial for natural and rapid restoration of hair for both men and women. With Daroxil therapy, you will notice a major improvement in your hair growth. Daroxil therapy is the best and safest, non-surgical, way to help you  gain natural growth for your hair.

Now, with regard to your question "How long does Daroxil take to work?":

Let's be honest, there is no treatment that gives immediate results. It takes time to regrow hair.

It may take around 3 to 4 months before you start noticing prominent results in the mirror. This varies from one individual to another, if you have less hair loss, you may notice an earlier improvement.

Daroxil contains all the necessary ingredients required for your hair to grow naturally and rapidly and this also prevents hair thinning


  1.   Apply shampoo on wet hair. Massage gently and leave on for 2 – 3 minutes. Rinse thoroughly.  Squeeze excess water from hair.
  2. Massage conditioner gently into damp hair. Leave on for 2 – 3 minutes. Rinse conditioner thoroughly.
  3. Apply a few drops of oil to the scalp, in the areas of hair loss, and massage in. The Hair Thickening Growth oil should be used daily.