Havasu Nutrition Beet Root Powder with Patented, Organic PeakO2 & Mushroom Blend- Supports Workout Recovery & Promotes Athletic Endurance (Amazon's Best Seller) .

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  • HIT NITRIC OXIDE MAX, RECOVER BETTER & EMPOWER OPTIMAL HEALTH*: Super beets that contain powerful body-enhancing compounds called betalains, which have been shown to support the health of the circulatory and vascular systems.* This is why beets have been long-revered for their ability to promote energy levels and even athletic markers of optimal performance.*
  • POWER-PACKED DAILY HEALTH BOOSTER: Our Organic Beet Juice Powder not only tastes good but is also overflowing with potent phytonutrients like naturally occurring nitrates, betaine, and phenols. Combined with the adapotogenic and body-strengthening properties of the Peak O2 mushroom blend, Havasu Nutrition Beet Root Powder is bursting with potent plant-compounds not found in any other beet powder on the market today.
  • EASY TO MIX AND GREAT TASTE: We source the freshest beets, picked at their peak, cleaned, and carefully dried into a pure concentrated powder.*
  • VIBRANT AND VERSATILE: It is designed to be mixed in water and consumed prior to workout for optimal performance.


Details: PeakO2TM is a patent-pending blend of adaptogens demonstrated to boost physical power and endurance across a wide spectrum of athletic pursuits. PEAKO2TM FUN FACTS!!! 1. In a 21-day clinical study at the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill, PeakO2 users improved their time to exhaustion by 70 seconds from baseline. 2. In a recent study, athletes using PeakO2 for seven days improved their power output 17.6% over baseline. 3. PeakO2 is composed of six Ayurvedic mushroom strains grown and harvested in the U.S. 4. Adaptogens, like PeakO2, have been essential to traditional Asian medicine for centuries. 5. PeakO2 is an oxygen booster and it helps your body use oxygen more efficiently. 6. PeakO2 is non-GMO, non-allergenic, vegan and gluten-free. 7. PeakO2 is Informed-Choice and Informed-Sport certified. beet powder beet root powder balance of nature beets organic powder nitrate deo sexual health beetroot beets powder beet root superbeets super beets juice superfood the roots juice powder beet juice your super

Package Dimensions: 5.6 x 3.6 x 3.6 inches