FOREO LUNA Play & ISSA Play - Sonic Cleansing - Dream Team Gift Set

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FOREO Luna Play


Fun, affordable, and the perfect introduction to the amazing skincare benefits that come from T-Sonic cleansing, LUNA play proves that great things come in cute packages! It uses a compact design and 2-zone brush to gently and thoroughly offer your skin a sonic cleanse to leave you glowing and gorgeous, with just 1 minute twice a day!


T-Sonic pulsations are diffused through soft silicone touch-points to gently unclog your pores to remove up to 99.5% of dirt and oil, plus dead skin cells and makeup residue – leaving your skin soft, smooth, and absolutely glowing.


Apply your regular cleanser. Wet the LUNA play and turn on.
Cleanse. Gently move the LUNA play’s cleansing surface in circular motions over your face for 1 minute.
Rinse and dry your face. Apply your other skincare products, if any.




A revolutionary toothbrush that encourages healthy teeth and gums, whilst adding a playful pop of colour to the bathroom. The ISSA Play is a battery-powered model. The toothbrush combines sonic pulse technology with a unique, hybrid brush head, which is effective in eliminating plaque, preventing cavities and discouraging tartar build-up. Delivering 9000 high-intensity pulsations per minute, the toothbrush thoroughly cleans and visibly whitens teeth, whilst comfortably massaging gums to promote strong and healthy results.


The ISSA toothbrushes are safe and ultra-hygienic as they harbour considerably less bacteria than regular nylon brushes. The ISSA Play boasts a hybrid brush head, which is crafted using antibacterial silicone bristles to the outer and PBT polymer bristles to the centre. The silicone bristles gently massage gums to prevent damage, whilst the polymer ones provide a more vigorous clean.


Easy-to-use, the ergonomic toothbrush is ideal for daily use and the lightweight design ensures it is travel friendly. The Swedish-designed brush is completely waterproof, which allows for easy cleaning and even in-shower use, which is ideal for those with busy lifestyles. Cost-effective with no changeable brush heads, the ISSA Play is the perfect introduction into the ISSA range. Discover a new kind of clean.


FOREO Day & Night Cleansers

Day Cleanser

Start the day fresh with FOREO DAY Cleanser with its astonishing
texture that transforms it from a creamy yogurt into an airy
foam. Make this cleanser your daily morning indulgence, to savour
before the day begins. It will leave the skin refreshed,
protected and illuminated.

Night Cleanser

Prepare for a relaxing evening with FOREO NIGHT Cleanser and its
astonishing texture that transforms from a silken gel into
velvety milk, offering a uniquely sensorial experience for a
divine night-time ritual. Impurities, makeup and pollutants are
removed while the skin is made smooth and soft.



  • FOREO Issa Play
  • FOREO Day Cleanser 60ml
  • FOREO Night Cleanser 60ml