NEPTUNE - Portable Negative Ion Laser Hair Regrowth Device - 3 in 1 Treatment Vibration Massager Comb .

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NEPTUNE - Portable Laser Hair Regrowth 3 in 1 Treatment Massager Comb

Product Function

Negative ion - built-in anion generator, producing a large number of negative oxygen ions, marking the hair reappear soft and glossy;
Vibration -Through micro-vibration massage, the hair-thickening liquid can be imported from special pipe column to hair root, so that the hair follicle can better absorb the nutrition essence and promote the rapid growth of hair.

Principle of Hair-thickening

This product uses Negative ions and physical massage vibration to import hair-thickening liquid into hair follicle,which can make it revitalizing, promote blood circulation and accelerate metabolism to achieve the magical effect of hair-thickening.


NEPTUNE is an avant-garde styled Laser phototherapy device that emits special red light. The light on the skin generates a super penetrating force, it promotes blood circulation, anti-inflammatory and promotes regeneration. Infra-red causes no harm to the human body while relieving fatigue and help your sleep. A long-term use can enhance hair regeneration. High-frequency vibration massage the scalp, infrared warm.

NEPTUNE works most effectively on Oil-control, nourishing hair root. It addresses problems such as Seborrheic Alopecia / Alopecia Areata; Physical Alopecia, Chemical hair loss; Pregnancy hair loss; Hair loss during menopause; Hair loss in sub-health state; Poor blood circulation in the head; Obstruction of hair follicles; Root dystrophy, caused by specific excessive hair loss...etc. 

Direction of use

Press on/off button to start up, at this time there is a micro-vibratory massage, accompanied by hair-thickening liquid flowing out, comb the entire scalp from the front to the back, use 15 minutes every time;

 Press the negative ion button, a large of number of negative ion outputs are generated to care the scalp;

Vibratory massage and negative ion can be used at the same time;

The effect is best when the scalp has a slightly cooler feeling as using a hair-thickening comb( contain hair-thickening liquid).

15 Min each time every day


Material: ABS+ Acrylic + Medical grade stainless steel
Model Number: Cold Red Lights
Power Source: AC 3.7V 450mA
Vibration Frequency: 6000-8000RPM
Liquid tank capacity: 12ml
Charging Time:2-3h
Product Size: 203 x 53 x 4mm
Executive Standard: GB4706.1-2005V