Viatek HairPro - Luxor Laser Comb - Hair Loss Brush - Hair Growth Pro Deluxe Treatment .

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Product Description:

HAIRPRO Luxor Laser Hair Therapy - Maximum Hair potential is the same Laser Hair Technology used in hair salons worldwide to maximize and revitalize thicker, richer looking hair.

HAIRPRO Luxor Laser Hair Therapy - Maximum Hair potential has 9  lasers combined with 6 LED's making this the World's most advanced Laser Hair  Treatment. Both Laser and LED technology provide the much needed light energy required for healthy-looking hair.

HAIRPRO Luxor Laser Hair Therapy - Max Hair potential is cost-effective, safe for the home, and more convenient then going to a hair specialist. Get Maximum Hair potential, get better looking hair today!

HAIRPRO Luxor Laser Hair Therapy - Maximum Hair potential Laser  is reflected across the entire length of the Laser Hair Brush to give a  consistent laser beam for greater hair coverage, the more hair coverage, the  thicker your hair will look.

Features & Specifications:

    • World's most advanced laser hair treatment.
    • Maximum Hair potential. Get thicker richer fuller looking hair.
    • 9 lasers combined with 6 LED's.
    • 8  x 5nW lasers with 6 x 650nM LEDs Technology.
    • 1 X low level laser technology extends the full length of the brush to maximize scalp penetrating coverage.
    • Brush three times a week to get max hair results, 10-15 minutes per use, with most users seeing results in 8-16 weeks.
    • Compare at $1,000 of competition with just one technology  (competition has laser beam only, we have laser beam and LED's in one product).
    • Comes with a rechargeable battery and AC adapter (no need to purchase extra battery).
  • Weight: 2lbs.