Beurer Electric Lice Comb HT15- Non Invasive Treatment for Removing & Detecting Head Lice Louse & Nits ..

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Brand: Beurer

Beurer HT-15 Lice Comb

The Beurer HT15 Electric Lice Comb is a simple, pain free solution to removing lice/louse & nits (lice eggs) from the scalp without the need of harsh chemicals. Rest assured that when the HT15 comes into contact with a louse, it removes it through an electrical impulse which safely, & painlessly, zaps it.

Why is it important to immediately detect the presence of lice? Immediately detecting the presence of lice makes it easier to remove them as they are present in lesser numbers. Additionally, lice are less likley to be transmitted to other family members or acquaintances.

Item Description

  • A chemical free, child-friendly way of detecting, killing and removing lice and nits

  • Electrical impulses kill lice on detection and fine comb sweeps away dead nits and eggs

  • Completely harmless electrical impulses effective at removing nits yet imperceptible to humans

  • Simple, effective and mess free way to rid your child of lice and nits

  • Includes battery and comes with a 3-year guarantee for your peace of mind

Further Details


Mess-Free and Painless Way to Remove Lice, Nits and Their EggsGone are the days of overpowering and messy nit treatments that sting your child’s head and take forever to work. Using the Beurer HT-15 Electronic Lice Comb, you can treat your child’s scalp in the time it takes to ‘run a comb through their hair’! Without the need for wetting and waiting, you can rid your little one of nits and then get on with your day.

How Does the Beurer HT-15 Electronic Lice Comb Work?

When the comb comes into contact with a lice or nit, it emits a harmless electrical pulse that is imperceptible to humans. When combing the hair, the lice are struck by the electrically charged metal teeth and effectively removed in its fine teeth. No chemicals are used, which makes the comb suitable for young children, especially useful for pre-schoolers where nits are often quite common and hard to avoid.

Effective Flea Removal for Pets

You can also use the Beurer HT-15 on cats and dogs, though we would not recommend using the same comb for humans and animals.

The Beurer HT-15 Electronic Lice Comb comes with a 3-year manufacturers guarantee for your peace of mind.  


Use of electrical current to safely remove lice/nitsChemical free solutionIncludes cleaning brushIncludes protective capIncludes batteriesProduct dimensions: 6.2 x 1.5 x 2 inches

Package Dimensions:

7.2 x 3.0 x 0.7 inches