ANYMI HAIR SONIC Scalp Galvanic Sonic Massager 100~240V 50/60Hz For Professional .

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ANYMI HAIR SONIC Scalp Galvanic Sonic Massager 

100~240V, 50/60Hz For Professional

A scalp care beauty device that helps nourish your scalp.
This product is used to care for scalp in Korean hair shop.
After cleansing the scalp and hair, apply scalp essence, etc.

Ultrasonic vibration: 1 million times per second
Galvanic: Scalp waste discharge (+ ION) Helps absorb nutrients to the scalp (-ION)
Vibration: Vibration Massage

Components : MASSAGER, CRADLE, ADAPTER(Micro 5 pin)
Weight : 185g
Size : 185mm X 81mm X 38mm
Made in Korea