Whisker Beard Shaping Tool Grooming Kit - with Scissors & Shaving Template

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Whisker Beard Edge Comb - Adjustable Beard Styling Template 

  • PERFECTLY CROPPED BEARD EVERY DAY: Tired of going to the barber every time you want to freshen up your beard line? Now you can have a crisp, perfectly clear beard line every single day, without spending hours in front of the mirror. This effective beard shaping tool is all you need to maintain your specimen of manliness in perfect condition with only a few minutes a day!
  • 2 FREE BONUS GIFTS: Together with your beard shaping tool you will also get a pair of handy, nose scissors and user's guide to help you achieve the style of your choice and trim your beard like a pro! The package includes clear instructions for different shapes and styles to get you started right away.
  • CHOOSE YOUR STYLE: You can use this beard comb to give your beard or moustache the shape you prefer: Whether it's a pencil beards, goatee, full beard or any other style you like, this highly versatile shaping tool will help you shape the neck, top and jaw line perfectly and achieve your desired style with confidence!
  • EASY TO USE: Specifically designed to help you maintain your beard easily, without prior knowledge of any special techniques, this beard grooming tool has curved and contoured, tapered edges to help you trim all hairs out of line and get perfect, precise lines, with ease!
  • USE WITH YOUR EXISTING EQUIPMENT: Are you worried about having to replace your existing trimming tools? Don't be. This beard grooming kit won't require you to get any new shaving tools or have any special skills! Simply use this comb-like template with your beard trimmer or shaving razor and get a flawless curve from your sideburns to your mouth.

Shape Your Beard Like a Pro with the Best Beard Shaping Tool by Whiskers! Are you tired of spending tons of money to the barber, every once in a while?Would you like to be able to shape your beard like a pro, from the comfort of your home?Then this beard grooming kit is for you!

Designed to help you achieve a perfectly symmetrical beard line, without requiring any special knowledge or skills, this grooming kit is all you need to maintain a perfect, fresh beard line every single day!Shape Your Beard to Your Preferred Style! Whether you want to achieve a pencil beard, goatee or full beard, we’ve got you covered!Will easily shape the neck, top and jaw lines, so you can shave fast and flawlessly!

This beard comb can be used with your regular razor, beard shaving machine or trimmer, so you won’t have to replace your existing shaving equipment!Why This Beard Shaping Tool Is the Right for YouStop compromising your look! Get a professional, great looking beard line easily and fast: Contoured, tapered edges to help you form the top and bottom of your beard.

Imagine every day you use this revolving beard styling comb consistently without linger it on the face for too long. That's why more than 20,000 men use our revolving beard styling comb every day.