9.9 Ultrax Labs Hair Solaye - Caffeine Hair Growth Stimulating Solace Conditioner - 8 oz .

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Brand: Ultrax Labs


  • Highly Effective Caffeine Hair Regrowth Conditioner
  • Works in conjunction with Ultrax Labs Hair Surge shampoo for unrivaled results
  • Leaves hair silky soft without weighing it down
  • Hair Solaye Conditioner is effective for both Men and Women
  • Revitalizes the scalp while enhancing the proper follicular function

Ultrax Labs Hair Solaye contains caffeinated compounds integrated with essential oils that produce unrivaled results when coupled with Ultrax Labs Hair Surge. Supported by worldwide research and customer feedback, this highly concentrated formula is finally available for all.

     Effective hair recovery formula
     Easy to use
     100% satisfaction
     Made in the USA
     Helps give you hair that you can be proud of

Active Ingredients

  •      Caffeine - Studies have shown that when applied transdermally, this powerful ingredient can help extend the life cycle of hair follicles and encourage healthy hair.
  •      Eucalyptus - Japanese studies have found this herb to strengthen the hairs root by improving elasticity in the new-growth part of the cortex.
  •      Simmondsia Chinensis Seed Oil - Powerful scalp cleanser that helps alleviate sebum buildup that may impede normal hair growth.
  •      Chamomile Recutitta - Chamomile has been used for generations to treat inflamed and irritated skin and high levels of inflammation has been show to hinder hair growth