3 in1 Radio Frequency Microcurrent Vibration Hair Growth Massager Comb

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Radio Frequency Microcurrent Vibration Hair Growth Hair Care Head Massager

Working Theories and Benefits:
[3-In-1 Innovated Technology] Equips with 3 different functions: EMS micro-electricity, vibration massage, and RF, which can fully meet multipurpose hair care demands and solve various hair problems, such as hair loss, hairline retrusion, capillary crack widens, greasy hair, damaged hair, and more.

Red Light:
Activate the hair follicle which can help absorb the oxygen and nutrients and regulate oil secretion for hair growth promotion, less hair loss effect and hair regeneration.

Sterilize the pores to keep healthy and enhance the cell viability to promote the cell growth of hair root.

EMS Micro Current:
Stimulate the scalp muscle to promote blood circulation and metabolism with soothing and relaxing comfort

Viration Massage:
Effectively promote blood circulation to relieve fatigue and pressure for sleep quality improvement and further prevent from headache or intermittent headache by frequent use.

RF Current:
Improve the dermis collagen regeneration and enhance the skin tissue penetration to restore the energy and relieve from daily tiredness.
Benefits from the treatment:
- Head relaxing massage
- Alleviation of migraines and other headaches
- Relax the muscles to reduce tension
- Improve Blood circulation
- Enhance chemical/heavy metal detoxification
- Promote hair growth
- Strengthen the immune system
- Restore the strength, softness of the hair
- Help to build thicker, fuller, and healthier looking hair