Follimax - Scalp Detector, Professional 5-200X 200MP Wireless WiFi Hair Follicle Facial Body Skin Care Analyzer Microscope Health Machine Tool

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Follimax - Scalp Detector

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  • The skin hair detector is an instrument used to detect scalp hair. It is equipped with professional testing software to help doctors or beauticians or hygienists to observe patients or consumers' scalp
  • The healthy state of hair and hair soil, and can take the observation and detection of the image storage, help consumers to quickly understand their own scalp, hair, hair follicles health condition
  • Understand the cleanliness of the scalp, skin texture/wrinkles, oily/dry skin, sensitivity, blackhead, pigmentation, scalp erythema, oil secretion. Pore clogging condition, oily/dry hair, hair growth, hair loss, white hair, damaged condition and other scalp hair condition
  • When human eyes want to look at the skin, hair, hair follicles of the small state of unclear or invisibles, through the amplification function of the instrument, on the computer monitor formation. The use of computerized detectors can also be used to classify data
  • More vivid images, at the same time, with the help of professional skin hair detection software to make a more scientific comparison and analysis of the image, to obtain more scientific testing basis and results, so that we can more timely and accurate

Wireless design, easy to operate
Scalp hair detector skin analyser, portable health-care analyser
Personal auxiliary beauty-health tool
HD presentation of magnified effect
Software supports analyse results and generates documents for detailed analysis
Hair follicles detector, beauty-care tool, health-care instrument

Item Type: Skin Hair Detector
Quantity: 1pc
Color: As Picture Show
Length: Approx.14.2cm / 9.4inch
Weight: Approx.435g
Resolution: 640 x 840 / 1280 x 1024
Magnification: 5-200X
Interface: WIFI Wireless
Built-in Light Source: 8LED 0-30000MLUX
Power Supply: Built-in Lithium Battery USB (5V DC)
Optional Plugs: US, EU
Support System: iOS(ipad/iphone)/Andriod(phone/tablet)

Package List:
1 x Hair Microscope
1 x USB Cable
1 x Plugs
1 x Aluminum Lift Stand
1 x Manual